VAR Adoption Services Options

M4 is a line of business service offering from Techlaborate.   The service assists the customer in aligning their business goals and metrics with technology, providing visibility into existing spend and direction on where additional technology and services will have the most impact.

How is M4 Different?

  1. Focus is with the customer’s initiatives and metrics, not product
  2. End to End Scope Addressing:
  • Business initiatives and metrics

  • Root case analysis

  • Technology value mapping

  • End-user buy-in and

  • Follow through measurement validating technology’s impact on business.

  1. Assists in bridging IT and LOB

Leveraging the M4 program, your customer conversations begin with lines of business, in addition to IT, creating a pull for technology and services. Your team moves from a reactionary vendor to a proactive business partner who consistently adds value across the customer’s organization.

Options for Partnership with Techlaborate:

Our services can deliver the above value to your teams in a variety of formats:

  • Train your team to deliver the comprehensive M4 Value Optimization program.
  • Shadow your team with customers to deliver any and all program services.
  • Partner with our staff in delivering any portion of the program to compliment  your resources.

Where Do We Start?

Please contact us for an initial conversation to describe the M4 Value Optimization Program in more detail and how it may map to your initiatives.  Our primary goal is to understand where and when our services can increase your relationships and service opportunities with new and existing customers.   If you see benefit to this partnership, we can then discuss how our modular offerings would benefit your needs.

Use the below form to initiate our introduction.  We will take your lead in discussions and not spam your email and inundate your voice mail.