Techlaborate Value Optimization Services

  • Where will technology or services make the most impact to your organization’s goals?
  • What metrics can be used to measure the impact of our technology programs?
  • How do we optimize and sustain a solution’s promised value?

The M4 program enables your team to discern this information allowing you to make better technology choices for new initiatives as well as evaluate the impact of existing tools.

What We Solve For:

Software Creep – According to Gartner, software expenditures are rising faster than any other technology line item. Without a new paradigm for addressing software expenditures, these dollars will be wasted.

IT Culpability – Our technology teams should be in better sync with business needs; however, leaving them with sole responsibility for software benefit realization leaves everyone at risk.

Line of Business Metrics – “It’s too difficult; It takes too much time; or, I already know the problem,” are the most often cited reasons for our business team’s lack of process and performance metrics. All technology purchases must be aligned to a business metric to measure and sustain positive impact.

Status Quo Effect – Even with the best leadership intentions, obtaining end-user buy-in remains as one of the most difficult barriers to leveraging the value of new tools and processes.

The M4 Value Optimization Program leverages a unique formula of the following precepts to overcome these obstacles:

1)      Business Impact Analysis         

2)      Leadership and Employee Buy-In Workshops        

3)      Follow-Through and Post Measurement

Please consult our vertical delivery options to the left to see how our program can best assist in realizing value from your technology opportunities.