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With goals such as increasing test scores and graduation rates, an investment in “collaborative efficiency” may at first glance appear not worth the effort.  However, no administrative team wakes up every day to say, “I wish our staff would collaborate less effectively.”  Unfortunately, a lack of resources and market complexity make it difficult to determine where the opportunity costs to increase collaboration make sense.

Our goal at Techlaborate is to assist your teams in deciphering where the opportunity costs of communication and collaboration enhancements impact your educational objectives.

Our experience in K-12 and Higher Education has shown that many technology tools that could assist your teams to this end are often already owned but never deployed or underutilized.  Furthermore, where additional tools or services may be beneficial, market confusion and strict budgets make expansion in collaboration a daunting goal.  Techlaborate's Value Optimization services aim to be an additional resource linking your administration and technology teams to effectively leverage collaboration tools and services.

The Techlaborate Value Optimization program aims to assist administration in uncovering specific cases where even an investment of time in implementing collaborative enhancements will have an impact on your primary objectives.


M4 Value Optimization Program

Techlaborate’s M4 Value Optimization Program is Educationdeliberately designed to assist your teams in understanding the collaboration technology landscape and opportunities, regardless of vendor. We aim to answer thefollowing for your teams:

1)      Where are your collaboration challenges?

2)      Where is it worth it to invest resources to improve collaboration?

3)      From which solutions will you find the most value for your unique environment?

4)      How do you optimize the promises of collaboration value?

 The M4 program enables your team to discern this information and apply it to your initiatives providing sustainable collaboration value with measurable results.


Where Do We Start?

Please contact us or a Techlaborate Value Added Reseller for an initial conversation to describe our program in more detail and how it may map to your initiatives.  We recognize the opportunity costs in pursuing these services; as such, our initial goal is not to “sell you a product,” but to understand where and when our services may be of benefit.

Use the below form to initiate our introduction. We will take your lead in discussions and not spam your email or inundate your voice mail.